About Us

We are a small team of people who embrace creativity and innovation – We just happen to really love food.

It all started with an idea, a slightly obsessed founder, some uncooked popcorn and lots and lots of testing. Mike Fitzgerald (Fitz) was on a mission to perfect the process on how to create a crunchier version of popcorn…you know, the best part. Conceptually, it sounds pretty easy to do…but easy, it wasn’t, or someone probably would’ve figured this out a long time ago. Fitz was crazy about the idea (and possibly a little crazy in general) so he built a small factory hoping to find the perfect popcorn crunch. A couple of years and tens of thousands of pounds of popcorn later, he finally nailed it! Family and friends around Seattle were gobbling it up. Since all great ideas deserve such treatment a US Patent was filed, a brand name was created (Halfpops…genius) and Halfpops were available in stores in April of 2011. The business was born.

Since 2011, it’s been a wild ride. Fitz quickly realized he wasn’t the only person who loved halfway-popped popcorn as Halfpops started to fly off shelves in the Pacific Northwest. After a couple of local write ups in the New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and a video that Backpacker Magazine created, Halfpops expanded distribution down the west coast and across the country (east coasters liked it too). Since then, we’ve added 9 new employees, got an Olympic Gold Medalist by the name of Shaun White involved, built a new factory, launched 7 total flavors, and are now sold in over 2,000 stores across the country.

We still have a long way to go, but if you like our story or just share our affinity for half-popped popcorn, buy some and tell your friends, so we can keep this thing going (because we do have the patent)!

Team Halfpops